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*rustle of maps and astrolabs clinking* - The Pirates of the 'Ville!

moshingyogiApr. 18th, 2006 02:25 pm *rustle of maps and astrolabs clinking*

It appears the Captain and lilybee80 have decided the ship will be sailing south this winter. Aye far south, to where the palms sway, where there are no subfreezing temperatures.

Right now they are both pouring over maps, docking spaces, and villages to ransack for booty. AYE, this is a search for booty, but also for a new life of adventure in a far less landlocked state. Sailing the Ohio is nice and all, but the Atlantic and Gulf? Much prefered to the murk and mire of the commonwealth.

If anyone has suggestions on the route these two should take, do speak up. We intend to plan this journey to the hilt to avoid any mishaps, or being discovered by the Spanish Armada.

Current Location: the Merry Jerry-In the Port of Louisville

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